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Untangling the Web

I’ve mentioned before that I’m not entirely convinced about the suitability of this trendy new ‘World Wide Web’ as a development platform:


I recently went on a ‘Web 101’ course to dilute my ignorance, by doing some HTML, CSS & JavaScript myself. I discovered that I’d been making an incorrect assumption. Because I was familiar with client-server computing, I’d been assuming that if you had a web client, you had to have a web server to get anything done. You don’t. We didn’t go near a web server until our fifth session. We edited files on our file system and displayed them in our browsers.

Because I wanted to try my CSS on a different client platform and form factor, I saved my files to Dropbox, so I could access them from my Linux PCs or my Android tablet. I was ‘web teching’ without any web. Links don’t have to be HTTP. We could do things better, without throwing everything away.