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Flogging a Dead Duck

As an addendum to my most recent post, I think it was @unfortunatalie’s tweet about dreaming of a dead duck that made me try to find ‘The Mallard’ by Harvey Andrews. Then I remembered hearing that he was once on ‘The Old Grey Whistle Test’ then YouTube told me I really should see a video that showed the question atheists can’t answer about evolution.
Well, “can’t” if you don’t allow them to use any evidence from the fossil record but are perfectly happy to believe books that are at least a thousand years old.
“Go on, show us one kind of animal turning into another kind of animal right now! You can’t can you?” they said.

I’ll answer that:

All of them. Right now. Genetic mutation and selection. Watch it under a microscope. Then by beng the freaks that don’t die. In the time I’ve lived in my house, I have selectively bred short-arsed dandelions. Now shut up and read your book. There are some good stories in it but some of them shouldn’t be taken too literally.

You listen to ‘The Mallard’ at your own risk.