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This idea of yours Mr. Heisenberg – are you certain?

This morning I have been engaged in the activity of ‘writing’ my ‘book’ about information metaphysics. In reality, it feels like having an idea avalanche fall on me. I have heard authors of fiction describe this sensation in terms of character and narrative but I don’t have either of those to deal with yet, so I didn’t expect it of non-fiction.

I’ve gradually realised that my recent experience with Agile software development has damaged my brain to such an extent that I’ve subconsciously been trying to develop a method of ‘Agile Writing’. Consequently, I have decided to embrace scope-creep as a friend. My ‘book’ is actually a tree that’s turning into a network with colour tagging for the third dimension. I may soon need touch and smell – hopefully not at the same time. Please don’t ask me what it’s “about” again, for a while.

I have invented a brand new dilemma: Are ideas particles or waves? As a partial-physicist, I am alarmed that my current answer is “yes”. Particle-wave duality is the last thing I need right now. Have you seen how many dandelions there are, growing in the lawn? They must wait, unstrum, until I have The Answer or I decide to blame it all on Heisenberg (who was simply not a ‘can-do’ kind of guy.)

“Well is it, or isn’t it?”
“I can’t be sure”