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IF socialist THEN IF democratic AND distributed_power THEN Green_Party

I always like ‘crossing the streams’ of my apparently disparate obsessions. Last night my long term fascination in whether the Free Software movement can survive a war with software capitalists, collided with my recent interest in the Green Party.

I have struggled for years to find any political party in the UK that comes close to my political ideals. I am economically Left, Right in terms of Liberty and think the environment is sending us very strong signals that capitalism has been a more destructive failure than communism. I believe in equality of opportunity rather than equality and in distributed rather than centralised power. I prefer incremental change to the unpredictability of revolution. I see little difference between nationalism and racial or religious hatred. No party quite fits my shopping list but at the recent General Election, I decided that the current Green Party comes closest, so far.

Richard M. Stallman, instigator of the GNU Project, who kicked off the the GNU GPL (General Public Licence) and indirectly, the CopyLeft movement has turned his attention to politics in recent years. Arguably, his life’s work, Free Software, is the practical application of ‘social ownership of the means of production’ but RMS is the ‘Marmite’ of the Free Software community. His almost total lack of pragmatism and slightly abrasive personality towards anyone who disagrees with him divides opinions but I have learned over the years to never question his basic logic. He has a habit of being right, even when it is inconvenient.

I have become increasingly suspicious of large corporations and hierarchical power structures. RMS’s idea on ‘too big to fail’ is the best economic solution to monopolies I’ve ever seen: http://blogs.reuters.com/great-debate/2013/02/04/fixing-too-big-to-fail/

In his ‘political notes’, at (https://www.stallman.org) on the day of the UK election, RMS wrote this:

“18 May 2015 (Revitalizing the Labour Party)

Making the Labour Party good for something depends on bottom-up community organizing. Acting like a right-wing party produces a right-wing party.

Perhaps instead of revitalizing the Labour Party, Britons should go Green.”

I also noticed that his preferred US presidential candidate is an independent who describes himself as a ‘Democratic Socialist’. This is surprisingly different to the ‘Social Democrat’ “…view of reform through state intervention within capitalism” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Democratic_socialism

“Decentralised socialism”. “…seeing capitalism as incompatible with the democratic values of freedom, equality and solidarity.” Maybe I’m a Democratic Socialist now. Are you?

If RMS thinks the British Labour Party has lost touch with socialism, then I’m a little more comfortable about having thought the same for the last few years too. I was unhappy with the LibDems prioritising economic growth over environmental danger and perhaps I understand better now where my intuitive reaction to that came from.

Politics, engage

I am heartily sick of whinging about politics and you are probably sick of it too.

I’d whittled down my voting choices so that LibDems and Green were to meet in the final but this week I disqualified LibDems for saying something inane. It was the last straw. I also discovered that rumours of safe Conservative seat ‘Staffordshire South’ having a Green candidate were not a bad April Fool joke. I THINK Claire McInvenna had the misfortune to have a holiday in Australia booked, as soon as she had made her last minute declaration that she was a candidate. She may arrive back jet-lagged for election week but she will also be hugged-up on marsupials. How can she not win?

Ignoring the koala strategy, I hate an unfair fight, so last night I volunteered to make a WordPress site until the Green Party web-spiders spin her an official site. Hopefully, it’s because they’ve been too busy dealing with a #GreenSurge of support. Anyway, I made this, so please stick it on your fridge to prove you love me: https://southstaffordshiregreenparty.wordpress.com/

I don’t agree with everything the Green Party says but I think they are less wrong than all the others. I could vote LibDem to make Conservatives not burn 11+ failures as fuel or to make Labour take out a lone for a new calculator but really, what is the point? While they all think ‘Growth’ is the answer and blame the immigrants but don’t care that the planet is running out of natural resources, they are wasting valuable oxygen; if only on me hyper-ventilating.

I plan to waste my vote against the Conservatives through The Green Window. The view is better.