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The concepts hiding behind the content.

During my recent ‘book writing phase’, due both to the subjects I’m considering and the activity of writing, I’ve become painfully aware of the inadequacy of the widely accepted concept of ‘content’. We have abstracted our ideas about ‘written’ information backwards from a linear script, via the paginated representation of books to the hierarchical structures of content management systems, without arriving home at the dynamic conceptual networks in which I believe we think.

There is a void in our set of tools, waiting to be filled by something that can bridge the canyon between deep thought and the shallow messages we use to communicate, as we try to nudge others towards believing what our culture(s) believe(s).

[ This entry is a modified copy of something I posted on LinkedIn.
It is conceptually identical. “Only the content has changed”,
apart from this bit inside the brackets, which has extended the conceptual map by ‘Give an example’ and a new idea based on unpublished work about how our ideas and reactions to information are shaped by our personal value system

… also the “(s)”s.