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The Construction of a Subatomic Idea Collider

For a while now, I’ve had the idea of artificially generating creativity by deliberately colliding bit-streams at high speed. As reported here, my thinking was refined recently by the charitable donation that ideas may not only exist in atomic form but as subatomic (or “half-arsed”) ideas, out looking to hook up with a partner (whether they know it or not!)

About a week ago, I became aware of the visit to Birmingham by canal and bed of ‘The Artist Currently Known As Bill Drummond’. Now this originally confused me greatly, as I already know a Jim Drummond and 2 Ben Drummonds of and around the Birmingham music scene but consequential tweets by Eastside Projects convinced me that this was not a text-merge but a fourth, unique Mr. Drummond and I was directed to his bed-making activities https://twitter.com/eprjcts/status/451346186814099456

From there, I was sufficiently intrigued by the antics of a fellow loon to go here http://www.penkilnburn.com/paintings/twin/words.php and discover his inventive kettle-twinning project, in the suburbs of Kensington(s).

So, what might look to the casual observer like “a wasted morning” has “in fact” led to the birth of the idea that ‘The Collider’ may not be a solely scientific endeavour but that it has the makings of a polymathematical extravaganza. I don’t know quite what that is going to look like but I’m game if you are.

Let’s look at “The Facts”:

  • I’m already collecting evidence of coincidences during research, to use in my book(s)
  • I want to learn more about web technologies
  • I constantly see connections between apparently disparate areas of my life and the lives around me. I don’t think this is ‘fate’ but an emergent behaviour of the human creative impulse. I’d like to play with that a little, rather than just think about it.
  • I have a visual creative side that is long over-due for a work-out

I don’t know quite where I’m going now but…

This morning, I watched a Status Quo video on YouTube, posted by ‘resting’ God Damn Guitarist Dave Copson. Next to it was a new video by The White Stripes which showed a non-Newtonian fluid on a speaker, as I once saw in a video by Kate Spence in an art piece at Trove. I tweeted Kate to show her, because we last spoke about her organising an air-guitar competition and I think she’d appreciate a bit of Jack White.

My mind is now full of a complex network of past connections and coincidences between the people I’ve mentioned and others who I haven’t. My worry is that I may not be able to keep up. Branch, merge and mutate. You heard it here first.

Like a rubber ball, I'll come bouncing back to you

“Yes, Woo, but what does all this mean? What is the point?”

Oh, you’re one of those people who thinks there has to be a reason for everything. That’s disappointing. OK, let’s say I’m doing it for the continuation of the species. No?

What if I said I was writing a book? I prefer <text-object>. I could tell you the truth, that I’m writing (approximately) 4 text-objects, in parallel, but that would sound like the ravings of a right loon. You seem like a ‘planning’ person. I don’t really do that in any conventional sense. Sorry. I’m here, hanging out on my internal beach for a while, surfing through life with hardly a wave behind me. Maybe that’s my purpose – I’m searching for that perfect wave. Or particle.

Also with the ‘trying out different voices’ thing. I can see how that might be confusing but just because a ‘book’ is about information metaphysics, does that mean it can’t be FUN, maybe even funny? Yes? OK, then this is my <serious face>.

You know when people say, “While we’re all here, can I just bounce an idea off you?” Well, that. When I started using ‘social software’, my life changed. The delay introduced by the Internet suits my brain better than In-Real-Life conversations. I communicate more effectively in an asynchronous textual environment. I can find and form my own tribes or match-make¬† inter-tribal relationships. Most of the great leaps forward in human endeavour have been made by strong individuals, sharing ideas and working together in movements, groups or societies but they were typically limited by geographic constraints. We are the first generation with the chance to shake off the tyranny of transportation.

I started to see coincidences everywhere. Various separate aspects of my life began to collide with one another. Just as the Large Hadron Collider was whacking particles together to see what happened (I may be over-simplifying,) so ‘social’ was acting as an ideas accelerator. I started to ‘cross the streams’ deliberately. The ‘Ghostbusters’ miscalculated the dangers. I’m doing chaos on purpose, just to see what happens. Let’s play. Let’s brain storm. You can steal my ideas, if I can steal yours. Deal?

Maybe new ideas arrived at collectively belong to us all and only the unique way in which each of us narrates the shared story is our own.