Agile & Lean Software Development

[ I may one day put a  version of this page, with my notes on why conventional project management doesn’t work for software projects in a book instead of here.
I’m not happy with changes at:, so it may not be there.]

I came to ‘Agile’ (and I am still discovering ‘Lean’) out of my own frustration with conventional project management methods and having a developer colleague  who had similar concerns. We were self-taught from the Internet and a few books. Agile is an attitude and a very loosely defined set of tools. There is no ‘methodology’ called Agile that you can go on a week long course for. What we learned is now being absorbed into and corrupted by conventional practices, so it is probably getting harder to find ‘the good stuff’.

It is easier to define Agile by what it isn’t and maybe I’ll try to do that one day. For now, I’d like to use this page as a place-holder for some useful references to help anyone who is lost in the maze.


The Agile Manifesto & Principles
or: and

Guide to Agile Practices

A Wikipedia overview

Agile Frameworks and Methods

Scrum Framework
The Scrum Guide

XP Extreme Programming (now often used  within the Scrum framework)
Rules, based on

Scott W. Ambler’s writing
I found particularly useful which has matured into DAD,
Disciplined Agile Delivery with its own
Disciplined Agile Manifesto

Criticism, from the
and my rebuttal

Some comments on getting started by Paul Oldfield, an active member of the ‘Agile and Lean Software Development’ group on LinkedIn who has broader experience of these things than me


Principles of Lean (from manufacturing)

Lean Software Development

People also tell me I should read the books by the Poppendiecks, Tom and Mary:
Particularly: ‘Implementing Lean Software Development, from Concept to Cash’

Lean Methods:


Lean Start-up Principles

Lean with Scrum by Roman Pilcher

The difference between Lean & Agile and Kanban & Scrum


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