{ ; in Extensible Data Notation. Clojure is a superset of EDN.

 :name "Andy Wootton"
 :location "South Staffordshire, UK Midlands"

 :work [{:role ["Independent writer, researcher and public speaker"
                "Learner of functional programming, in Clojure"]}

        {:company "E.ON - 20 years"
         :role ["Local Requirements Manager, Laboratory Systems"
                "Business Analyst -> Agile Product Owner"
                "Information Security Officer, Energy Trading"
                "DEC VMS System Manager"]}

        {:company "System Composition"
         :role ["Director"
                "Freelance consultant"
                {:in ["VMS System Management"
                      "High availability clusters"
                      "Software development environments"]}]
         :clients ["Jaguar Cars - engineering systems"
                   "Air BP - multi-currency financials"
                   "British Gas East Midlands - office automation"
                   "Nuclear Electric - reactor quality system"
                   "BT - tele-sales & tele-marketing"]}

        {:companies ["Instem Computer Systems"
                     "Staffordshire County Council Highways Department"
                     "Cambridgeshire College of Art & Technology"]
         :role "Software development - 5 years"}]

 :qualifications {
 :education {:degree
             {:institution "University of Aston"
              :level "B.Sc. (Hons.)"
              :subject "Computer Science & Physics"}}
 :professional ["Chartered I.T. Professional (CITP)"
                "Chartered Engineer (C.Eng.)"]}

 :LinkedIn "uk.linkedin.com/in/andywootton"