We are Very Sorry

We know you don’t understand why we won’t stop moaning and make the best of it. We know you took your country back or took back control or whatever lies you believed, but the people you took it from weren’t a rich elite, it was us. While you think you are on the way to achieving your dream of a better life, for you, your family and your nation, against all the others trying to steal it from you or suck you dry with taxes, we lost our dream of greater equality, fairness for all, an end to prejudice and warfare. We lost a huge slice of human culture in the swamps again; mostly the  good stuff. You chose the sole protection of wolves on a barren island when you burned that bridge to Europe or believed the vague dreams of proven fantasists.

So, right now, bottomless cynicism is all we have. It is the natural response of rational thinkers who believe in evidence before the rhetoric of slime-balls, to the tragedy that has befallen everyone who doesn’t think they are worth more than everyone else in the world and competition with sworn enemies is the only way to make progress. We don’t see any progress, just a slipping back to survival of the fittest. If you were really the fittest, why did you feel like losers on a level playing field?

We must eventually win or we all die, because the planet isn’t safe in your hands. You just made it very much harder. Your thoughtless positivism will be the death of us one day.


4 thoughts on “We are Very Sorry

    1. So was it actually Trump’s lack of ability that attracted votes or that he has no chance of making progress? You appear to not like things as they are but not want them to get better. I think you probably voted sensibly in those circumstances.

      1. Every “expert” said that Trump could not (fill in the blank). He wouldn’t win the Republican nomination. He absolutely could not win the presidency.

        He defied expectations at every turn and he did so in a way that appears sheer genius in hindsight. You apparently think all that was luck and that he’d an idiot.

        I can’t help but be impressed by how extraordinary what he accomplished is. No outsider should have been able to pull it off, especially with the forces arrayed against him.

        I’m hopeful that he can display some of the acumen when it comes to leading the country.

      2. I don’t think he is stupid. I think he’s an effective snake-oil salesman. I think he sells shiny dreams that he doesn’t own, to people who don’t look for any evidence in order to believe things. He said during the campaign that he loves uneducated people. He told obvious lies in a speech about his honesty. I think he’s dangerous but half the US has done exactly what half the UK did in Brexit, so I’m in no position to feel any national pride either.

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