Moderately Grouped

One of the rules I try to live my life by is: “Small pieces, loosely joined”

Then this happened.

I don’t know who I am any more. I already feared de-selection from the cult of Unix and now this.

Then I realised that although I favour hi-fi separates, I don’t  design my own amplifiers and hand-wire the components. I don’t compile Linux from source every time. I’m not a fanatic.


1 thought on “Moderately Grouped

  1. I’d like to apologise to the original authors of the article I linked to, for not having read it properly. It isn’t about the links you have, as I assumed but about about the groups you belong to. I first read the article a few months ago. I now don’t think those 2 things are the same. Unlike connections, groups have non-binary edges. Dotted/lighter lines?

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