Computer Science and a Confusion of Words

This post is a placeholder, to remind me to have conversations later. I’ve been discovering that I don’t always agree with other people about what some words mean, or I don’t really know. They are words which are important in computation science:

The first row are the subjects of my main writing ‘project’ (there are others!):

Information Metaphysics : Data, information, knowledge, theory, belief, fact, idea

Processing : Process, procedure, function, task

Organisational change : Methodology, method, Agile, Lean, plan, a project, product, service, requirement, benefit:cost, Return On Investment, value

If you think you know, I bet you don’t agree with everyone else. How do we have meaningful conversations about complex matters when we haven’t decided what the words mean?

The ‘IT’ profession used to be called “data processing”. Our DP systems are computational models of parts of our organisations. What we most often do is change organisations or respond to organisational change, making these concepts absolutely key, yet we haven’t defined them clearly and agreed on definitions.


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