Freemind Ubuntu Kludge

[ Update: Now unkludged with a greatly improved hack:

comment out the (only) line
“assistive_technologies=org.GNOME.Accessibility.AtkWrapper” in

Now even more confused how sudo helped ]

I’ve been unable to run my beloved mind-mapping tool ‘freemind’ since upgrading my only 64-bit Linux box to Ubuntu 15.10.

I haven’t found the cause yet, but in trying to debug the problem, I’ve found a surprising workaround. At the command line, run the script as SuperUser:

$ sudo -uYourOwnUsername freemind &

It’s Java so I have no idea why this helps. It’s a really bad idea to use sudo when you don’t know why. It does however, on this occasion, seem to allow me to climb out of a rather deep whole I’ve dug. The problem persisted if I manually installed the latest Freemind. The Ubuntu version I’m using, 0.9, was OK before and works fine on my Raspberry Pi 2 and an older 32-bit Ubuntu, so I’m a bit suspicious of 64-bit Java.

I’ve clearly not had much trouble before as it was news to me that

$ DEBUG=1 freemind

dumps information about the Java environment.


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