Thunderbird Droppings

I use Mozilla Thunderbird as my mail client on two Linux boxes. For several months I’ve had a problem of folders seeming to disappear on one of the boxes. Innevitably, this happened on the machine I use most. Over that time, I’ve had several attempts to find fix suggestions. They’ve nearly always been some method of refreshing the folders, that have been time-consuming but had no effect.

Last night I found a page of new suggestions:
“Step 1. Check that ‘View’, ‘Folders’ is set to ‘All'”

That the WHAT is set to WHAT? Why wouldn’t it be? Of course, it wasn’t.

I’ve only been able to see folders that had at least one unread message in them. I’m still struggling to get my head around why anyone would want folders full of messages they’d read, wanted to keep but didn’t ever want to see again or how I’d accidentally set the option incorrectly. Those people owe me hours of my life. It’s you “Inbox 0” folks isn’t it? I knew you were Trouble.


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