Joining the Sets

I admit that I can, on occasion, be obsessive. That isn’t entirely true. I’m obsessive most of the time, but about a wide variety of these things, so to the casual observer I can look like a fairly rounded person. I made a list once and it gave the impression of someone who had traded his marbles for any uncollected items at a pawn-broker’s that were small, spherical and intellectually shiny.

One of my ‘Things’ is the enjoyment I take in finding connections between apparently unrelated people. Imagine therefore my unbounded joy when I discovered a historic house in a town I thought I knew quite well that I had previously been completely unaware of. I’m going to leave it as a puzzle for the reader to identify a couple who would have had as visitors the following:

Lord Byron, father of Countess Ada Lovelace and his mistress Lady Caroline Lamb, believed to be the person who coined the phrase “mad, bad, and dangerous to know” about him, on their first meeting.

Sir Walter Scott who wrote the book ‘Rob Roy’ about the man who built canoes and made the only sport I’ve ever taken seriously popular in Britain. Also the reason I know the town.

Josiah Wedgwood, Staffordshire potter and member of The Lunar Society of Birmingham, Lichfield and Walsall.

Queen Charlotte, mother of Princess Charlotte after whom I think the famous rock pub in Leicester was named, where I saw The Von Bondies for the second time in 2 days. They were also the first band I saw 10 times. Which ISN’T WEIRD!

Obviously none of this was a coincidence. I take it as new evidence that in every place and era, the interesting people with ideas find each other and find somewhere to hang out together. I bet the Kardashians know Lord Sugar. Of course, a title has always helped to make you appear more interesting. I must find out where you buy those.


It appears that quizzes are not a big hit on my blog but in case anyone is interested, the couple were: The Ladies of Lllangollen.

Their house is ‘the new place’ and it’s valley garden on the Autumn day we visited was both beautiful and Tolkienesque.


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