Hang on, I’ve got a Great Idea

Eleanor Roosevelt said:

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

but then, I struggle to understand most people and I forget most events. I would agree, wouldn’t I?

She married a successful politician, so you have to question her judgement too.

I’m currently reading about disorder and trying to be objective. I’ll have to let you know if this is funny when I’ve read the rest of the chapter.


1 thought on “Hang on, I’ve got a Great Idea

  1. I had an alternative idea for a post, about how the self-referential nature of art means that you get more out of it if you put in more effort to learn about other art, but that in order to achieve greater depth of communication, you exclude parts of your audience.

    I appear to have subconsciously combined the 2 ideas in the last paragraph. If you don’t understand, I need you to read up on entropy. Me and ideas; what am I like? I’m Uncertain, on Principle.

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