Politics of the Surreal : Episode 1

The Bash Street Lord Snooty School of Politics

Sir: Right boys, who can solve this political riddle?

My first is in “I” but not in “team”
My second adds, a symbol, but is not cross
My third is in “politics”, not in “polecats”…

Ed: Sir, sir, I know!

Sir: Yes, Mlliband Minor?

Ed: Is it “I & I”, Sir; meaning “we”,SIr, meaning “TOGETHER”?

Sir: Isn’t it always with you, boy? Can you please let someone else answer next time?

Boris: Ha, ha, POLE-cats! Milliband smells like a POLE-cat Sir, AND he went to pleb-school!

Sir: Shush, Johnson, we’re laughing at you, not with you. The Poles were on our side.
You’re very quiet at the back Clegg. I hope you haven’t fallen asleep again.


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