Sod it, I’m going to start…

I have blogged before, hidden behind a corporate fire-wall, working well within the level of risk I would be willing to take as an individual; prodding gently at what I perceived to be the limits of acceptable criticism of my audience. Large organisations are typically not places where risk-takers or innovators thrive. I was asked to write about Linux, my home computer operating system of choice but I wasn’t sure I had much to say about that.

I called my blog “Thinking Outside The Box”. This was intended to hint at a few things:

  • That my background was in managing IT ‘boxen’ – the clustered server systems that ran the models that underpinned the operation of a trading floor – but I didn’t do that any more.
  • That I now worked in an engineering consultancy and research part of the organisation, starting a new career as a business analyst and process modeller.
  • That I was outside of the main IT organisation, proposing possible alternative cultures, tools and methods.

I wanted to talk about alternative ways of looking at everything. I still do, but now I’m outside the organisation so I make my own rules. So, without further ado, I’m going to get started. I haven’t learned how to use WordPress properly or how to customise my page. I’m hitting the floor running, without a safety net, with default settings, carrying only a basket of mixed metaphors and enthusiasm. I’m sorry about the mess, just move it out of the way and grab yourself a drink. I decided to move in and fix the place up as I go. History suggests I’ll never quite get it straight but I’d like this to be an ideas laboratory. You have to expect a bit of clutter and the odd explosion, don’t you?

This is Part 2,. I’m ‘On The Outside’. Welcome. My friends call me “Woo”.


2 thoughts on “Sod it, I’m going to start…

  1. Awesome Andy, Go for it and if you ever get stuck then do let me know and will do my best to put you on the right path!
    I also noticed you got have you thought about moving this to that domain? Would be much better in my opinion!
    Good Luck
    – Phillip

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